Letting Process

Holding Payment
In order to proceed with a property of your choice, we will need a holding payment of one weeks rent. This will take the property off the market and we will cease any further lettings viewings. It will be offset against your final balance which is due the day you move in and has to be in cleared funds. Your final balance consists of the rent paid in advance, the deposit, which is five weeks rent. Please note, should you decide to withdraw your application for any reason you risk losing the holding payment. If, however, the landlord decides not to proceed, your money will be refunded, except if this is due to unsatisfactory references not highlighted to us prior to making the application.
You can pay the holding payment by debit card in the office, over the phone or by making a bank transfer to our bank account.
Tenant Fee Schedule
For existing assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs) and all Non Housing Act tenancies click here
For new assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs) signed on or after 1st June 2019 click here
Client Money Protection for Landlords and Tenants
Click here to view the relevant certificate
Application Forms
You will need to complete a Property Reservation Declaration and return it to us as soon as possible along with original or certified copies of your proof of identity and residence (examples: passport, drivers licence, utility bill or bank statement) before your application can be processed. You will then need to complete an online application form for each adult over the age of 18 that would permanently be residing at the property. An email request will be sent to your email address from the referencing company we use. It usually takes around five working days from completion of the application forms for references to be completed. We will not be able to proceed with a let without satisfactory references. If you have a pet, you will also need to complete a pet application form.

Referencing Criteria

  • You will be required to have no CCJ’s, IVA’s, declared bankruptcy orders or a history of arrears.
  • You will need to be in permanent employment, not on probation and earn enough to cover the rent. (No more than one third of your salary/income).
  • If you have rented before, you will need to have a prompt rent payment history and not have caused any nuisance or damage in the property.

If for any reason you do not comply with any of the above, you might be entitled to obtaining a guarantor who would stand as surety during your tenancy. They will need to be a homeowner and earn enough to cover the rent as per the calculation above, please discuss this with our team.


Please note that we cannot provide any guarantee that you can move in on the proposed date, as the property’s availability may be subject to various conditions. Until the day the contracts are signed, this date may change. Any potential changes will be raised with you as soon as they come to light and please also be aware that we are unable to commit to signing the tenancy agreement prior to your move in date.

Right to Rent

As per the Immigration Act 2014 all tenants over the age of 18 will need to have a Right to Rent in England and Wales before a tenancy can be granted. Therefore all applicants are required to provide evidence of their Leave to Remain by way of a valid passport and/or visa.

Preparing for your Move

Please advise your utility companies of your move and ensure you take meter readings when you move out of your current property. We will in the interim send you a copy of your invoice and tenancy agreement. Please familiarise yourself with the terms and if you have any questions, refer them to our team. The outstanding balance will need to be received by us in cleared funds prior to the keys being handed to you. You can do this via various payment methods as highlighted above but please be aware of the necessary clearance time required by your bank.
You will also be required to show evidence that you have adequate Tenants Contents Insurance, so please arrange this prior to your move in.
Move in Day
On the agreed move in day, please allow twenty minutes in our office to go though the necessary paperwork. We normally arrange for this handover process no earlier than 10am. You will also be given an Inventory and Schedule of Condition to scrutinise when you first arrive at the property. Please allow at least an hour to do so before you move any items in. Please make sure you are completely happy with the condition of the property before you sign and return this document as this will be the document that is used to conduct your check out at the end of the tenancy.
The signing of this document is required within seven days of your move in day for any comments to be taken in consideration at the end of the tenancy.
We strongly advise you check the meter readings on the day you move in so that you can provide these to your utility companies.
Day to Day
We will have either been instructed to provide a Managed or Non-Managed Service to your landlord, which we will advise you of prior to the tenancy commencing. If we are managing the property, we will be your first port of call should you have any maintenance issues or queries regarding the property. Should we not be managing the property, we will provide you with the landlord’s contact details, they will be your point of contact throughout the tenancy.
Rental Payments
We will let you know whether your rent will need to be paid to us as the agent or directly to your landlord. If you have online banking, it is easier to set it up yourself and we will provide you with the relevant bank details. Please note that you will need to cancel your standing order once you have made your last rental payment as this is not something we can do on your behalf.
Your tenancy will be subject to periodic inspections carried out either by ourselves or your landlord. We normally carry out inspections every quarter, but this may be different if your landlord is managing the property. This is an opportunity to highlight any minor repair work required or any dilapidations that you have noticed. The relevant party will be in touch with you closer to the time to arrange.
Serving Notice
If the time comes when you decide you would like to leave the property, you will need to serve one month’s notice in writing which will take effect the next working day. If notice is served via email, it will only take effect from once acknowledgement of receipt has been received from us. We recommend you call to confirm that it has been received. Please note that you cannot serve notice that will expire within a fixed term. If your circumstances have changed and you do need to move within a fixed term, please call us to discuss as there may be an option to request a “Contract Release”.
Please let us know if you would like more information on serving notice, or if you would like to ask how to serve notice within your contract.
Move Out Day
Once notice has been served, either your landlord or your property manager will be in touch to arrange your check-out and send you a letter detailing the check-out procedure. The most common issue that arises at the end of the tenancy is cleaning, so please make sure that if the property is not cleaned to a high standard at the start of the tenancy, this is raised so that the matter can be addressed straight away or otherwise noted on the Inventory and Schedule of Condition.
Deposit Return
Please note that we are unable to return your deposit the day you move out and it can only be returned once both you and your landlord agree to its distribution. If both of you cannot agree within a reasonable time frame, the matter will be referred to a Dispute Resolution Service. Full details of this process will be provided in your tenancy agreement.

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